to my parents: Lorenzo and Isabella that helped me to play what I loved when I was a kid; to my brother Nicola that helped me to realise this website and give me informatic tips all the time; to big friend of mine: Savino del Negro that aviced me to change instructor after 7 moths of uselessl kickboxing practice (to start inter-style Karate/Kick-boxing and Bujutsu/Jujutsu), after several years he suggested me to play artistic gymnastic, weight training and to work as fitness/martial arts trainer in turistic places (so I did my choices specially by your tips that drive me tobe the trainer that I am now); to my teacher of Martial Arts /Wellness-Fitness: Gran Master Savino Fabiano. When I was 13 he started to teach me a lot : Bujitsu/Jujutsu(especially), Kenpo/Karate/Taekwondo/Kick-boxing, and basic concept of Kali, JKD, Wing Chun and start me to play fitness/wellness and Oriental Medicine that later I studied deeper; to Alessandro Ervi that teach me pratically different healing thecniques of Natural/Naturoapathic Medicine; to Uncle Hack that allow me to upgrade in NLP, Relaxation/Hypnosis, Energy Medicine/Psychology; And finally to Carlo Fabiano (born in 1988), a great martital artists (also thanks to his father's teaching, and I consider him like a brother), that started to play with me in 1990. He was a wonderful  martial partner and I  made with him (or he helpe me  to do) a lot of a martial videos.

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