Healing (Natural Medicine) Services Offered:

Applied Kinesiology, Orienatl Medicine/Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Energy Psychology, Vibrational Healing Techniques
To Rebalace The Body Imbalances Caused By Skeletal Muscle, Emotional, Biochemical Problems.
The Kinesilogy Is A Discipline Using The Manual Muscle Test To Have Information About The Imbalances Of The Person And To Apply The Right Energetic And Postural Rebalance.
So The Kinesiology Is An Holistic Method To Improve Your Health. The Purpose Is Stimulate The Natural  Organism Skills Of Self-Healing.
It Also Have A Deep Educational Worth, Baceuse It Teach To Became Aware Of Own Stress And Somatization Mechamisms And To Manage Them. 


Massages Offered:

Swedish/Relaxation, Lymphatic Drainage, Sport, Deep Tissue/Myofascial Release, Thai, Shiatsu, Auyrvedic, Kalari, Reflexology


Fitness/Wellness  services Offered:

Personal Training (P.T.):

Customer's Fit Check :AGE, Sex, Wheight, How Tall, Life Style, Postural Analisys, Diseases Of Every Kind( So It Could Be Life Coach), Client's Goal, Findind Fat Mass And Everyday's Mebabolism. Nutrition Tips And Performing A Personal Finess Program:  Strength,/Musclar Exercises And Aerobic  Trainng With Cardio Belt (AFTER Finding The Right Heart Rate  To Train The Client) Using Cardio-Machine (STEPPER-TREADMILL-ROWIND-BIKE) O Calisthenics Exercise (AS Jogging/Footing/Running)


PERSONAL Training Or Group Fitness Musical Classes:

Aerobics/Step, Aquafitness (DIFFERENT Kind), Spin, Pump, Tone Up Circuit Training (BY Small Bumbells Or Rubbers Or Body Weight Exercises), Boxercise, Fitboxe/Aerobic Combat, Rebound (DIFFERENT Kind), Step Combat.


Wellness/Body Mind (CLASSES Or With Personal Trainer):

Strething (PASSIVE, Pnf), Yoga, Meditation, Pilates; Functional, Postural, Rehabilitation, Corrective Gymnastics.,  Tai-Chi.


Combat, Sport Contitioning:

Speed/Pliometric/Maximum Strenght, Aerobic Conditioning, Isometric Stretching.


FITNESS Training:

Muscle Mass (HYPERTROPHY), Muscle Definition.

For All Kind Of Contioning Or Training  Are Used: Weights (DUMBBELLS, Barbells), Rubber Bands,  Fitness Balls, Body Weight Exercises (CALISTHENIC).

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